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Liquid isobutane in lighters

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2023-07-24 10:41

Butane is a colorless flammable gas, pressurized liquefied into a liquid. Flash point: -60 ℃; spontaneous ignition point: 405 ℃; explosion limit: 1.9-8.5; minimum ignition energy: 0.25 mJ. The saturated vapor pressure increases with the increase of temperature, 160.1kPa at 0 ° C, 413.4kPa at 30 ° C, 543.1kPa at 40 ° C, and 702.2kPa at 50 ° C.

The liquid isobutane in the lighter, as the ambient temperature continues to rise, its internal pressure will continue to increase, sometimes coupled with direct sunlight or friction, extrusion, collision, easily explode. Due to the simple manufacture and low cost of secondary lighters, most of the products sold on the market are processed and assembled by small private workshops without any identification. Even the gas in most products is not liquefied butane as stipulated by the state, but liquefied gas. There are more serious safety hazards in the production, storage, sales and use links.